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The Missing Manual for Junior to Senior Devs

“The book could've been called Hacker News: The Good Parts. All the experience-based advice for career success, none of the toxic nonsense.” - Forrest Brazeal, AWS Serverless Hero

What's in The Book

10 hours of audio. 40 chapters. 450+ pages. 1,400+ links to original sources curated over 3 years. Priceless insights from dozens of developers at the top of their fields. Proven ideas, tested by personal experience, backed by solid theoretical foundations.

Career Guides

Specific advice on every career stage from Code Newbie to Junior Dev to Senior Dev, and every transition after: the First Job Hunt, going from Junior to Senior, and Beyond. Sample "Junior to Senior" Chapter →


The best investments are in things that don't change. We discuss timeless rules for successful default behavior. Learn to grow your network and expertise, while you learn. Sample "Learn in Public" Chapter →


Everything to do with making big moves, from Betting on Technologies, to Career Ladders, to Software Business Models. Grow your business and personal impact! Sample "Intro to Tech Strategy" Chapter →


Important, self-contained skills that you can repeatedly call on throughout your career, from Negotiating to Side Projects to Twitter to Writing. Sample "Marketing Yourself (without Being a Celebrity)" Chapter →

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Book reviews

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“I recommend this book for anyone who is thinking of getting into the field of software development. And I also recommend it as a reference for experienced developers. Shawn has structured this book in a way that you can easily come back to it and fill in the gaps in your knowledge.”

Quincy Larson
Quincy Larson
Teacher, freeCodeCamp

“I wish I had this book when I was switching jobs. It helps you understand what skills you should leverage and really encourages you not underlevel yourself!”

Samantha Bretous

Samantha Bretous

Computer magic maker, Software Engineer at Mailchimp

“I was also lucky enough to read @Coding_Career early and I was thoroughly blown away! It’s the book I wish I had when I started my dev career.”

Randall Kanna

Randall Kanna

Engineer, Author: the Standout Developer

“The links to high-value blog posts already make the book worth it, never mind the amazing insight and context provided by Shawn. Must buy for #CodeNewbies looking to break in or senior engineers looking to grow!”

Aryan Jabbari

Aryan Jabbari

The WebDev Coach

“For anyone looking for career advice as a coder but is tired of being told they have to do X or never do Y. Shawn is sharing his personal experiences and knowledge of navigating these sometimes overwhelming waters in the hopes you might find something useful. It's like having a caring big brother in your pocket! (if you read on your phone)”

Chen Hui Jing

Chen Hui Jing

CSS lover, Developer Advocate at Nexmo

“Wow! The immense wealth of knowledge and experience shared in “The Coding Career Handbook” cannot be overstated. I love how Shawn is able to take his own experience and what he's observed in the careers of others and generalize it to principles that will help others level up their own careers. 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds


“I love that he included information about burnout as this is one of the biggest hurdles new developer encounter early in their career. Shawn has included links to many wonderful resources and graphs from other content creators. The section on negotiation is one I could have used early on in my career.”

Emma Bostian

Emma Bostian

Ladybug.fm, Software Engineer at Spotify

“The book could've been called (and I mean this in the best possible way, I really do) "Hacker News: The Good Parts." All the experience-based advice for career success, none of the toxic nonsense.”

Forrest Brazeal

Forrest Brazeal

AWS Serverless Hero, Cloud Bard at ACloudGuru

“I wish I had this book when I started my career! Every single chapter is like a growth hack but for developers. I'd say this book is worth 1000x long term!”

Carlos Roso

Carlos Roso

Full Stack Developer, Toptal

“Shawn talks about things that experienced engineers and managers learn "the hard way" or by having "already made it" -- but in a way that is accessible for people at all levels of experience. Things that NO ONE talks about, until now!”

Monica Lent

Monica Lent

Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Founder

“I’m reading through swyx’s @Coding_Career and I’m genuinely impressed. It’s very dense but reads very lightly. Lots of useful context for someone coming into the industry.”

Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov


“What should I do? Just tell me what to do! There's no One Right Answer for how to become a coder, much less a happy and "successful" one. What there is, however, are thousands of stories of how folks have cracked the coding career themselves! Shawn has put together his story, with a ton of practical and pragmatic real world advice! The great thing about advice? You don't have to take it. The Coding Career Handbook is a wonderful collection of what's worked and what may not work for you! These are guidelines and tactics that you can incorporate into your coding life and career whether you're a code newbie or a code oldie like me - it's never too late to learn how to be a great programmer!”

Scott Hanselman
Scott Hanselman


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About the author


Hello, I'm @swyx! I changed careers at age 30 , starting from doing FreeCodeCamp during nights and weekends in 2017, to getting hired as a Senior Dev Advocate at AWS in 2020.

In my other pursuits, I write , speak and teach React, TypeScript, Storybook and Node.js (including as an Egghead.io Instructor).

I am a cofounder of the Svelte Society global meetup community and up til recently served as a moderator for the 200k-strong /r/reactjs community.

Frequently asked questions

Tell me more about the Coding Career Community?

Ever feel like you didn’t have anyone outside work to talk to about your career? Here’s a dedicated space where you can do exactly that! The Coding Career Community is a moderated Discord chat where you can talk with other readers about the ideas from the book and more. Ask questions, give criticism, find collaborators, and generally use as a friendly resource as you build your coding career!

Note: Participation in the Community is subject to a Code of Conduct, and your questions are not guaranteed to be answered. This is a new community and therefore there is a lot left to figure out!

Tell me more about the Creator Workshops?

Get the most out of your Coding Career journey with monthly live workshops, and join our Mastermind Group of fellow Creators - People who want to make money Learning in Public! Workshops are live over Zoom, Sundays at 12pm ET (9am PT):

  • July ✅: Learning in Public
  • July ✅: The Business of Software
  • July ✅: Writing and Speaking
  • August✅: Indiehacking
  • September✅: Monica Lent on Blogging
  • September✅: Creator Coaching - Adrian Twarog
  • October✅: Alex West on Indiehacking
  • November✅: Coding Career Codebase Walkthrough
  • We have paused monthly workshops for now but will resume them in 2021!

All workshops will be recorded, so this becomes an ever-growing library of creator content.

Note: Invites will come via email, all recordings will be available via our Circle workspace. Standalone workshops are available on request for bootcamps and small teams.

Do you do Purchasing Power Parity?

We use Stripe to process payments, and unfortunately PPP is not supported at this time. If you have particular special needs, feel free to get in touch to work something out.

Refund Policy? Upgrades?

Yes, 30 days, no questions asked (but if you have criticisms and feedback, I will gladly hear them!). Same goes if you buy a package and want to upgrade – just email me and you can pay the difference.

How can I get future updates?

Upon purchase, you will be invited to create a Circle account. You can use this to login and download your purchases any time (You can log in here). We will email you every time a new edition of the book comes out!

Is there any DRM? Can I share this book with my team?

No DRM, you should enjoy a hassle-free experience! If you purchase an individual license, please respect the license terms and do not distribute any copies. Team licenses are available:

  • Handbook ( , , )
  • Community Package ( , )

Academic, bootcamp, and nonprofit organizations can contact me for a bigger bulk discount.

Can I use Paypal? Gumroad?

Stripe doesn't support Paypal, so we have setup a Gumroad mirror that can take payments there! Please contact swyx@hey.com if you need some other payment method.

What format are the files?

  • The Coding Career Handbook is available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI at all 3 tiers.
  • The Bibliography extracts the 1400+ external links referenced in the book as a convenience for those using e-readers on separate devices.
  • The 10 Hour Audiobook version is available with the Community Package as a zip of mp3 files. Here is a sample audio chapter! Note: due to a recording snafu, only half the chapters are available at launch. The rest will be rerecorded soon!
  • The Creator Package comes with 3+ hours of extra Author Commentary and 10 hours of livestreamed writing process (mp4 files)!

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